Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear Hazel

My heart sinks a little when I look at baby photos of my kids.  I can barely remember.  Or, maybe I am so in-the-moment I don't have a chance to remember.  One day.  Was Hazel really a baby just last summer?  It seems like a lifetime ago that I had a baby.  What was she like?  Did anybody take note?  Shit.
I never used to peruse my own blog, but in 2013 I have spent many a late night waxing nostalgic in my Corner.  Just tonight, I found this post.  Ahhhhh, thank god.  Somebody did take note.  I did!  Whoo hoo for blogging!  Hazel Iris.  She was such a happy, easy, baby.
^One year ago today.  

Now, she is a toddler.  Complicated, ornery, goofy, adorable.
Dear Hazel Iris,
You are socially cautious and physically daring.  You'll cling to my legs around strangers, then climb a ladder.  You're a mama's girl, but adore your papa.  You are obsessed with nursing.
Making the sign for nursing, a fist milking a cow, you always hold your nurse-fist to my face with the most pitiful look (sorry for the lack of focus):    
You prefer mud boots over sandals, even when temps are in the 90s.  You love your own books, the hardboard books.  At the library you go straight for the kid's computer, which worries me.
You are not yet interested in other kids (but you do love babies).  You love horses.  You're combining words.  You say no (with the cutest little puckered lips) to almost everything.  You can throw a mean scowl.  You love horses.  Upon waking, you have this soft almost-hoarse voice and it melts me every time.  You have a stout little body and yet seem so dainty...I think it's your long neck.  Did I mention you love horses?  I'm in love with your big, round eyes and heart-shaped face.    
Sometimes, you remind me of me.  Papa says you look like my mom.  I still think you look like your great-grandma, but yes, also me.  We knew from the moment you were born that you have an old soul and you prove our early conviction again and again.  You like old-fashioned black licorice (the real stuff at natural food stores), you are more serious than Juniper, you wrap towels and scarves around your head, reminding us of an old Turkish woman.
You still throw most of your food on the floor (see above^).  I largely attribute this to being a second child, but you are a dirty kid.
You prefer to be outside.  If I step outside for a moment, I will return to find you at the mudroom door, one boot in hand, like a dog holding out his leash.
^Free score from a yard sale (then we had to buy a charger and glue sandpaper to the wheels.)  

You love the backpack.  This week you ate your first ice cream cone (and another one today).  You absolutely swoon with the most heart-melting grin when we applaud your accomplishments, especially when they seem so small compared to your big sister.  You prefer to be in our spotlight, not your sister's shadow.
You love watering plants, finding bugs, eating green strawberries, grazing on chives, picking flowers and pulling out tomato plants.
You like to touch the beaks and eyes of our chickens.  You still exclaim "Doh!" everysingletime you see a dog.  You don't like sitting in the highchair anymore.  You are starting to let me know when you're about to poop.  You climb on everything all the time and drive me crazy with worry.  
You fall and hit your head and never learn the lesson.  Fortunately, you also prefer bike helmets as a fashion choice.  
Juniper tries hard to rope you into her pretend play and, usually, you play along.
You are my snuggly little munchkin.  I'll eat you up, I love you so!*

*Quote from Where the Wild Things Are


  1. I love the old Turkish woman look! So sweet. I can't believe she's not a baby anymore.

  2. I need to remember to do this for Audrey more often. Such great writing ~ and I love to see you in many of the photos! Props to others for picking up the camera!!

  3. adorable!!!! I love how you said you are a dirty kid. My kids are too and I think its a really really good thing! x

  4. I'm catching up on your summer post, with traveling and (temporary) relocation i've been of the internet! This post is brilliant..and oh how I love the look of defeat when Hazel climbed that kitchen table!! My younger is like that too, not even two yet and climbing up everething. I know that feeling mama! We need to get her out of the cot since she just climbed it and throws herself all over the place..either big girl bed or the ER soon? The older though..she would still be in cot if we let 3 1/2 she loves the containment of it..



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