Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the last first day

^Camping lakeside last weekend.  A rare, unimpeded, photo of this kid.^

Juniper Autumn's (last) First Day of Preschool
September 9, 2014
^Last-minute toast with Grandma as we run out the door.^  
As of this writing I have no clue what next year holds.  Will we homeschool?  Will I send her away for a 9 hour day (counting the 2 hour roundtrip bus ride) to Kindergarten? Will we move?  Four years ago we couldn't conceptualize this predicament, let alone how soon it would come.

:: As for Hazel's first morning home alone, she chose to dress like a bear and sail to her heart's content.  "I said high mama!  That's not high.  HIGH!!!"