Saturday, June 22, 2013

holly dolly banana tree

Happy Summer Solstice y'all!  Real quick here tonight....

Our household since the 10th of June.  I have waited a decade for this.  (I will never wait a decade for anything, ever, again.)    
We now have 20 more mouths to feed because, you know, our lives weren't crazy enough.  And yes, they were in our living room (and now the garage).
Juniper's hands are gentle enough to pick them up and return them to the box.  Hazel's fingers want to pull their downy feathers, poke their eyes and squish their little heads.  But they both love 'em.    
*I* have probably spent the most time, beer-in-hand, simply watching.  (Full disclosure: I am also looking for "pasty butt".  If you really want to know about pasty butt in newly-hatched chicks, google it.)  
From the moment we brought them home, I'd watch them collapse, beak-first, to the ground, their nubby little fuzz-wings all spread out.  I kept thinking they were falling down dead.  I would lightly brush their backs, checking for life.  Turns out, that's how newborn chicks fall asleep.  Who knew?  It's adorable in the same, awkward, way all newborn creatures are adorable.
To everyone who visits, Juniper says, "These are the Red Rangers and these are the hens.  We don't name the Red Rangers because we're going to eat them, but we name the hens."    (The other day my man said, "Kids are funny.  Everything you say gets bounced right back to you in squirrel-voice.")  And so it is.  Juniper has named 7 of the 10 hens and my husband and I have named one.  2 have yet to be named.
* 2 Black Australorps: Holly and Dolly (named after 2 stagecoach-pulling mules)
* 2 Buff Orphingtons: Juniper and Hazel (we're working on changing this...)
* 2 darker Araucanas: Tree and Funky Chicken
* 2 lighter Araucanas: one is My Little Friend, the other is unnamed
* 2 Light Brahmas: one is Banana, the other is unnamed
My Little Friend

We watch them drink and eat and scratch and peck.  They chirp and cheep and ruffle their feathers.  We watch them crawl on top of each other and snuggle-in, we watch them stretch.  Juniper says, "Why are they stretching?  Are they doing yoga?  I think maybe they're doing yoga."  And later, she says, "Mama, which ones are we going to eat?  The Red Rangers?  But Mama, I don't wanna eat them.  I just wanna hug 'em and kiss 'em!"


  1. Oh that is just brilliant! Put a smile on my face this morning..i have only had the chicken urge for a year and i have promised myself not to wait more than 5 year in total..but i also want to have a cattle or two for milk and meat..lets see how long that takes!
    So far we got a one eyed cat! Even that one me and the girls rescued and snuck him in while the hubby was out of the country for work..still stuck in city life! X

  2. oh yay they are adorable! Keep thinking about getting chicks...

  3. Chickens!!! They are the best! Love the names. And the wonder in your girls faces. Soo good. Enjoy your newbies;) xx

  4. so so so fun. Love the quote from your husband. Such truth.


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