Sunday, June 9, 2013

desert camping

Okay.  I'm going to keep this short and sweet with plenty of photos because life just keeps growing all around us and I'm ready to move on.  (That said, part 2--our 4 day raft trip on the San Juan with 4 kids under 4--is up next.)

The prologue to our southern Utah raft trip, in a shell:

:: We drew a map, of course.  Hazel insisted on her own copy.
:: We met with good friends who had been in their new, salmon-pink home for just a fortnight.  Juniper's friend C had been missing his old friends so it was great to hang out, hike, splash in creeks, collect bugs, share snacks, fight over bikes, and all the usual stuff.
^C's mom and sister.^  
As I age, life becomes more simple.  My idea of bliss: sharing margaritas with that ^ lady  under her twinkle-lit back porch on a warm desert night, kids in bed.  I was practically glueing my eyelids open just to make it last a little longer.  She is such a creative, patient mama who likes to look at bugs (and knows what they are).  We miss her so.

:: We met up with grandparents (who would continue on to float with us), hiked and car-camped in Canyonlands.  Despite the vast awesomeness of the desert and all the intriguing ruins of Ancient Pueblos, the kids largely found sand and ants to be the most exciting of all.

Conferring with Grandma L at Newspaper Rock:
:: At the Needles visitor center, I was (doing something?) at this aluminum-legged picnic table.  Juniper was about 3 inches from picking up this rattlesnake when the fact that she was saying, "Mama, snake!" registered in my brain.  Cheers to braincells snapping into place when needed.   
:: Evening hike in Cayonlands' Needles district: 
Most people take photos.  My step-mom sketches.  I think she's fabulous.
Hazel was all full of excited squeals just to be walking on uneven rocks and sand. 
And Juniper has become an adventurous little mountain goat. 
^See the ruins back there in the shadows?^
We started hiking around dinnertime with not many snacks in tow, so when Juniper's energy level waned, she rode in the Ergo.  She hadn't sat in the Ergo in well over a year and thought it was pretty awesome (not so sure my husband would agree, however).
In Blanding (or was it Bluff?) we let out some steam at the local park.  Have I mentioned?  Hazel is a bit of at thrill-seeker.  (At her age, Juniper had little interest in playground equipment.)    
Grandpas should always swing too.  
And moms.
In Blanding we geeked-out with high-speed internet at the local library (except my man, who doesn't believe in geeking-out).

Doesn't every family have that person?  That person who dreams or has visions of future calamity?  My husband's family has two.  In my family, it's my aunt.  She knew Hazel had been born before we called anyone and she's predicted the deaths of several family members.  So while we were geeking-out at the local library, my dad received an e-mail from his sister.  More or less, she said: Watch out for Hazel.  I had a bad dream involving Hazel and water.    

"Great."  I said.

Up next: rafting the San Juan.


  1. wow that trip looks amazing!!!!

  2. Ooh yes fantastic looking trip, looks like you all had fun

  3. Um...Amazing, when can I come? And, keep a life jacket on that kid huh?


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