Monday, February 28, 2011

Gizmo & gremlins

Today was one of those days when I called my husband at 3:30pm and without preamble asked, "When you gonna be home?"

I had spent two hours lying down with Juniper trying to get her to nap, and after she bit my elbow, scratched my face and then laughed when I said, "NO!  That's NOT NICE." I got up.  And because of that, Osa thought it was her dinner time and started her own routine of pacing, begging, leaning, and pushing Juniper out of her way to get to me.  Oh, my mammals.

All of this wouldn't have been so aggravating if Juniper had slept more than a few hours last night.  Last night, we put Gizmo to bed and awoke just after midnight with a gremlin.  Like, a flopping around the bed, crawling over us, periodically crying but mostly jabbering (ball?  bird!  dad?  door!) ALL.  NIGHT.  LONG.  She crashed hard about an hour before the alarm went off.  

The general consensus from my man's co-workers was: teething.  But if June bug is under the influence of teething pains, she's what us adults would call a happy drunk.  Really, I can't complain too much about a happy drunk.

So I hung up with my husband, blasted some Bob Marley (a tonic for the nerves), swung and danced my little gremlin around and topped it off with a pan of brownies (for me--Juniper got a tangerine).

Side note on the brownies: I added a half cup of pureed beets.  It's true.  (Dad, if you're reading this, I know you're gagging.  It's okay.)  Since feeding a toddler I'm in this Every Bite Counts mentality and I figure if you're going to eat something, why not get a little value out of the calories?  Plus, I have a whole pantry full of canned beets and turnips from my 08 garden for which I am trying to find creative outlets.  (I know.  Who cans turnips?  Me, apparently.)  I have to admit, the batter smelled like ass--but the baked brownies turned out great!  They had a velvety richness, as though I'd added a fair dollop of port wine.  I'd give you the recipe here, but the actual brownie part was a little lacking in chocolatey gooeyness for my taste (I was also trying to use up some old cocoa powder).  So, take your favorite brownie recipe, add a half cup of pureed beets and tell me what you think.

::  And this was absolutely NOT what I intended to write about tonight.  Last week we were in Montana.  And here is a sneak preview of my next post:

Sam.  Welcome to the world little man!  


  1. Bob dance parties and brownies {even with beet puree~which I just might have to try at some point}~a perfect combo to change the day around. love it!

  2. We've been having dance parties at our house too! I laughed at the beet puree and the Gremlin title. I haven't thought about the Gremlins in years. I hope she starts sleeping better soon, I know how exhausting it can be!
    P.S. I like how Osa is watching you swing Juniper, as if waiting for a turn.

  3. Hi. I recently started reading you (I comment sometimes on Dig This Chick and decided one day to start seeing who others were - love your style and you're one of the few I bookmarked).

    Just wanted to say hello and that day you described? Oh, I am glad I'm not the only one! The random bite, the laugh in the face of "soft touches!". The upside down swing is my fail-safe for my 20 month old. Works every time. Plus the Marley.

    Keep rocking it and congrats on the new nephew!

  4. Oh, my mammals. Love it. I sometimes retreat to make myself a pan of brownies. Certainly lightens the mood, however sleepy. I might have to try the brownies (hmm, borscht brownies). And, I feel ya. Some days I wait all day for 4:30 (generally when Luke's home).

  5. Britta: Hi! Welcome and thanks so much for stopping by!


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