Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Three Bags Full and other gems

Ever since we've been home from Cousin Owen's house, Juniper has been practicing her statements of ownership.  Sometimes, it relates to a particular object, but more often than not she holds nothing in her hands and is looking at nothing in particular when she loudly insists, "No MINE!!!"  And just when we start to wonder what in the hell she's talking about, we realize...she's practicing.

The other day I awoke as I do every morning, with a thump, thump, thump, thump and a pie-slice of light as our bedroom door is pushed open.  I went to the dresser and behind me I could hear Juniper heaving herself onto our bed.  My husband was already gone for the day and Hazel was just waking up.  I heard: "Hi Hazel.  How you doing?  You wanna get your biaper changed?"  Just as I was beginning to say, "Yes, honey, I'm sure she does..." I turned around and found Hazel with her sleeper zipped completely open and the tabs of her diaper already pulled back.  "Oh!  Nice work, Juniper.  Now let's take her to the changing table, that's a poopy one."  And just as I was scooping Hazel up, I could feel the tension mount:
"No MINE!  That's MY sister!!!"
(This was a huge improvement over the day before when Juniper told me, "Mama, I don't want Hazel."  Granted, that was after a sickie day of both kids vying for the same lap.)  

Afterwards, I went to change Juniper's diaper and said, "Okay little monkey-girl, roll over."  Juniper stopped, looked me squarely in the eye, and stated, "I'm a bear."
That night, goofing around at the end of supper Juniper exclaimed,  "Is it a bear?  Noooo!!  Is it a lion?  Noooo!!  It's a woman!"

:: Juniper has lately usurped some word phrases from the nursery rhyme Ba Ba Black Sheep (have you any wool?  Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full...).  For a while, she was (somewhat disturbingly) saying yes sir to everything.  "You want some more cheese, yes sir?"  Now, however, she refers me as...drum-roll...Three Bags Full.  "What're you doing, Three Bags Full?"  "What's that, Three Bags Full?"  "Three Bags Full, I want some more meelt [milk]."  We keep joking that if I had a third bag, this might be an accurate description.

So, Three Bags Full is writing this from the road.  (Yes!  The road again, can you believe it?  More later....)  Right now we are existing in a perverse version of an overdeveloped, apocalyptic hell-hole...but leaving soon.            

CHANGE THE SUBJECT, Three Bags Full!!!

:: I have no photos to go with the words above, so these are entirely unrelated.  Anyway.  Ever wonder where my kids get their bluest eyes?  Clearly not from me.
^Nothing like a little natural light to show off my full 36 years.  Three Bags Full?^
Three Bags Full and family wishes you all a good night : )  

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  1. Dear Three Bags,
    Juniper is not lacking in personality.
    Mother to Maggie, who some day will start calling me something other than Mama


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