Thursday, July 5, 2012


All of last week, our fridge was full, dishes done, dinner made, kid's faces clean, clothes folded...yes, my parents were in town.  My dad and step-mom were here for a week, thoroughly enjoyed, and now sorely missed.
Summer is in full swing with her tight curls and tanned feet.  Life is full around here.  When we got home from West Virginia, we hurry-quick planted trees and bushes: honeycrisp and MacIntosh apples, crabapple, silver maple, raspberries and current.  Since then, we've been watering like crazy because, as my grandpa would've said, it's been drier than a popcorn fart.
There is a 50,000 acre-and-growing fire burning on our forest and I can't even remember the last time it rained.  (Was it May?)  In the meantime, I will shamelessly admit that I've been drinking up these 80 degree days, soaking it in like a lizard on a rock.

:: Grandparents:
Joined us for playgroups in the park,
Our local Mountain Days celebration,
Eating out,
And eating out (front porch dining every evening),
And while I took Hazel swimming, Juniper played in the urban jungle with Grandpa (which I SO remember from my childhood),
And helped her make peace with the bears.
At home, they cooked together,
Drew together,
Went for evening walks,
Went fishing and mudcake-making,
And took most of the photos in this post.  My dad put more screws in our fence, my step-mom prepared nearly every meal.  They watched Juniper while I went on a shopping spree with only one kid in tow.  And the reason we didn't crumble when they knowing they'll be back in two months : )  
  I love having everyday photos of me with my girls^.  Thanks D&L...for everything!  

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  1. How amazing it is going to be when all those plants and trees come to fruition. I can't believe how big Miss Hazel is getting.


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