Wednesday, February 12, 2014

got snow?

^Stopped by the farm today.  Thanking the cows, Petunia and Barbie, for our milk.^

:: Most likely, yes!  You do.  We are breathing easy here in western Wyoming.  We know how to drive in this stuff.  We rarely have a power outage (almost never, in fact).  Our schools never shut down.  For us a thick, downy blanket of snow makes us rest easy.  We relax.  Our anxieties dissolve.  Not just because so many livelihoods depend on the white fluff (that too), but because there is something comforting about it.  Whew.  Winter's here.  Our blanket.  No snow in winter is like going to bed on a zero degree night with an open window and a cotton sheet.  Brrrrrrr!  

:: Our Life in Snow.  A photo essay from the last 12 days.
Lovingly, my man plows out a run for the chickens.^ 
I'll admit: this is kind of a problem area.^
Random side-note: it seems all the adult sunglasses in our house have gone MIA.^  


  1. omg we have never had that much snow in England. Send me some pleeeeease! :)

  2. HI!
    What amazing pictures, as always. Thanks for your sleeping comment, I really appreciate it.

    Also, Mags has a new girl in her preschool class.....named Juniper!! It's fun to say her name after READING about your Juniper for so many years. Juniper, Juniper, Juniper!!

  3. Okay. I just saw your comment about movies. And then I typed out a long-winded response, but it was full of gibberish. Let me get back to you on that. Short list: Pooh and Strawberry Shortcake these days don't really have mean people or harsh story lines. (Strawberry Shortcake is a new one for us....) Have you tried Angelina Ballerina? I'll be back with more thoughts, eventually .

    1. Upgrade what, huh? I can't get on your website! Did you go private?

  4. Wow that is a lot of snow! We have had more than usual this year, but still not that much. I remember when we lived in Montana my friends made fun of me for snowblowing out the chicken coop. Hey, the girls need to stretch their legs, too!!


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