Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy Marry Day: 11 years

A couple of years ago I told myself, When it becomes more ridiculous to not have a cell phone than to have one, I'll get one.  That time came and went and I am now the proud owner of an iphone.  (And I'm WAY excited about Instagram...note the slideshow on the sidebar of my website ------weeee!)  That said, I've made some fledgling texting follies which may or may not have resulted in us not finding a babysitter for our 11th anniversary.
So instead, we made it a fun, fancy date with the kids.  I not only found my wedding dress, but wore it for the first time in 11 years.  (It fit!  But I had made it expandable.)  Juniper, especially, was ecstatic to see me in my "marry dress".  She wanted me to wear exactly the same things I wore 11 years ago.  I could satisfy her with the right dress and shoes (Chaco sandals) and a shadow of my grandma's pearls.  She would tell Hazel, "Don't pull her dress!  It's silk!  It could tear!"  I've never, ever, seen her so concerned about fashion.  She gazed at me with stars in her eyes.  It was quite touching.  
We went to the fanciest restaurant in town and had planned to have dinner a la Fancy Nancy, but it really became more about us reminiscing to the kids about our wedding day.  We had a blast.  Juniper, several times, wished us a "Happy Marry Day!"  I will certainly pull this dress out again before another 11 years fly by.
^11 years ago.  Nice to see my step-dad on this blog (tall bearded man on the right), he passed away almost 9 years ago.^  
^From a July camping trip with my post coming soon.^

:: A montage from our night:


  1. Okkkay. This post was so spectacular. Your girls look so old/grown up and your man looks so young (clean shaven maybe?) and you look stunning in every picture.

    I'm selfishly glad you've joined the world of Instagrammers....I already know your little nuggets of wisdom are going to fill that mamma brain/heart of mine right up from time to time.

    Let's not ignore or blogs now, mmm-kay?

    Now, go frame some of those stunning shots for your girls to enjoy looking at.

    P.S. The puppet theater/store thing from my blog was built by my grandpa for Christmas last year. It's huge and lives in the garage, but provides loads of fun when we move it out.

    1. Thanks! And, pretty sure the tiny sensor on the iphone takes a good 10 years off...but yes, he's always looked young when he's clean shaven.

  2. Beautiful family, beautiful day. Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy anniversary - lovely pics especially the ones with you and your girls on the trampoline - lots of fun

  4. This is so sweet and romantic! I smiled the whole way through!
    Yay for wedding dresses that still fit :)


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