Monday, February 23, 2015

more or less

Hi!  Still here.  I've been preoccupied.  Parenting, investigating homeschool, visiting the public school, cleaning out, cleaning up, selling crap, toying with the idea of doing photography as a "side" gig.  (I really don't have an extra "side," so I'm not yet sure how that will work.)  I turn 40 this year (have I mentioned that before?), and I'm looking at a full-frame DSLR camera.  My mid-life motorcycle.

I've been learning to skijor with the dog.  I've re-herniated that damned disc in my neck.  I've watched too many episodes of "Lost" while folding laundry in the wee hours of the night. One family member or another has been sick (not bad, though) for the entire month of February.  I've guiltily enjoyed our creepy spring-like weather, going on "adventure hikes" with the kids on bare frickin dirt (in February!).

In the photo above: a post-preschool afternoon spent fishing on the river.  The kids found some elk bones.  You can't see it well, but under her right arm Juniper is holding a maggoty elk skull.  My man removed some teeth, which Hazel is investigating.  Things like this make me want to homeschool.

Today: Hazel had emotional breakdowns over somethingorother approximately once every ten minutes.  Also, she got naked, drew all over her body with markers and ate a poisonous plant right before bed.  It's always funny when it's over.  Now, they are tucked snuggly into bed.  Juniper is spending her first night in a big bed; Hazel is spending her first night furiously jealous and if she had the words for it, she would declare herself a second-class citizen.  It's so hard to bend to both of them at the same time.  They play together unbelievably well (they are constantly surprising me at how well), but their individual needs can be so different.  I wish Juniper wanted more of me, I wish Hazel didn't need quite so much.

Signing off for tonight, hope to be back soon.  ~    



  1. A maggoty elk skull. Neat! We have a skull and bone collection going at our house too, but nothing as magnificent as an elk skull. Awesome. You are TOTALLY homeschooling. Present-tense. It is so fun - I bet you'd love it.

    And yes . . . it is always SO funny after it is over. I love out-processing with my mom, who always laughs, to help me keep a bit more perspective.

  2. I'd hire you, your photos are always beautiful and capture the moment so well! Loving the warm weather,'s warm weather. Not so excited about today's hurricane winds and cloudy skies.

  3. Nice to hear from you again. Photography seems like a good choice, your pictures are always lovely.
    I just bought myself my first "real" camera. The Nikon D300. I've been toying with the idea of photography as a side (likewise I'd have to locate said "side" first) for a while now--even though I don't yet know how to work the thing! I might be romanticizing it, but its something I've wanted to learn for a while.
    You can send some of that dirt our way! Shoveled nearly 300 cubic feet of snow off the deck today.

  4. Yay I love it when I see your posts!

    'It's always funny when it's over' that should be a parenting logo or something...


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