Friday, January 29, 2010


Okay, rewind to a month ago.  Just a quick, picture-laden post here.

Two important things happened over the holidays for us and I wanted to pass along some photos.  1) Juniper made a pivotal, unexpected move: we may have left home on Christmas eve with a fragile, wobbly newborn; but we returned after the new year with a hardened, traveled, strong-necked babe.  She smiled and laughed for all of her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins.  She has discovered the world!  We fully subscribe to the 4th trimester theory, and she is definitely now, officially, BORN!

2)  We went clamming with family again on the northwest coast--this is fast becoming an annual tradition.  We love it.  And we love how much our family loves it!  Good food, good fun, good company, lots of love.  

This year was another night dig.  When you bother to peel your eyes away from the beach at your feet, the sight is almost magical.  A whole beach strung with bobbling lantern light at the water's edge.

Back at the house, the boys volunteered to do the dirty work: popping, cutting, cleaning clams.  Lots of them.

::  Love the northwest.

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