Thursday, February 25, 2010

birthdays, hot springs, big toes and more

Two days ago I was in the midst of electro-shock therapy on my lower back when the physical therapist got off the phone and said, Um, I think you're husband is having some's a good thing you couldn't hear her crying, you'd a sprung a leak.  We have yet to get j bug to accept breastmilk from a bottle and sometimes wonder: why bother at this point anyway?  Well, if I'd a known my electro-shock therapy was going to get cut short by a hungry monkey, I would have stayed on top of that bottle regimen.   

Regardless, my back is so much better, thank you.  J bug had her 4-month check up and second set of shots last week.  She took the 3-needles-in-the-thigh better this time, serenading us with what we've coined her "vaccination cry" for just a couple of minutes.  And, she still weighs in at the really fat growth percentile--a whopping fifteen and a half pounds (my back could have told us that).  But, she's still not napping outside of the stroller, car seat and against my body.  Ideas, anyone?  

::  It's when she has the eyebrows-raised, cross-eyed look that she most resembles me.  

::  So the day after my back started feeling better, we decided to jump in the truck for a 4 hour drive to our nephew's first birthday party.  It was actually a huge party for a one-year old.  We got to talk to other parents of young babies (they don't exist in our own town) and watch our nephew mow down his first cupcake.  Really, don't you wish you could remember the first time you ate cake with frosting?  

::  Of course, we had to stop at a hot springs on the way home.  It was j bug's second soak and man does it put her into a relaxed trance.  

::  Yes, those are blue swim trunks: hand-me-downs from the birthday boy.  We love hand-me-downs.  Even if it means putting your girl in blue swim trunks.  

:: Our last bit of unbearably exciting news for the week: Juniper not only found her feet and her toes, but now enjoys nothing less than to suck on them with reckless abandon.  

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