Friday, March 5, 2010

seeds of change

We had the first three official signs of spring this week: it rained after sundown, a housefly rose from the dead in our bathroom windowsill and the local track team is out running in mud and slush.  Why do we celebrate the new year (along with all the resolutions, promises and seeds of change that entails) in the middle of winter?  Duh.  Why don't we celebrate new beginnings in the spring, timed loosely with the Christian observance of Christ rising from the dead; or the more quiet, earthly emergence of bears from their dens--whichever is your preference.  This just seems a more natural time to plant seeds of hope for the next twelve months.  We can drag the sofa outside, air out our laundry, slim down, clean up, turn the garden over, start fresh.  

(I spy a red-winged black bird in our front yard; make that four signs of spring!)  Soon, green shoots will emerge from black soil and I can't wait to see what the next twelve months have in store for us.

:: Some of you are blanketed with a deluge of snow, some of you are planting peas & lettuce; we are simply waiting for the ground to thaw and the mud to dry so we can make our next move.

Didn't know baby strollers could go muddin', did ya?

 :: She's still enamored with her feet.

:: And she still, stubbornly, won't nap without movement (stroller, carseat or on me).

:: Goodnight.

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