Friday, March 19, 2010

this old town

Done laid around done stayed around 
this old town too long 
[winter's] almost gone 
[summer's] comin on
Done laid around done stayed around 
this old town too long 
and it seems like I've got to travel on.  

It's official.  We are outta here.  Leaving this town behind:

And we'll be moving to...this:

Okay, so that's a magnolia currently in bloom in my mom's part of the world, but that's how I feel about the whole thing: blooming with color, life and possibility.

We'll be moving back to our old stomping grounds in western Wyoming, but a new community.  That last part is not so clear-cut, and I'm sure more will be unfolding in these next few months.  I'll keep you posted, promise.

:: Alright, so I know it's been a while since my last blog post and here's why.  A week and a half ago I packed up the car and my two girls, (sadly, had to leave my man behind) and hit the road.  I will spare you from the gory details of my two-day drive with a baby and a geriatric dog but alas, we pulled up to my mom's driveway in western Oregon with all of our parts in the right places.
:: Juniper (oh, shit, she's 5 months old! did I mention that?) learned to sit just a few days before her five month birthday.  By "learned to sit" I mean she went from sitting for a couple of seconds to sitting for minutes before toppling over.
Everyday she sits longer and longer and now she's multi-tasking: sitting and playing with her feet, sitting and swapping the air, sitting and playing with toys...and, sitting on her potty sans mama's hands and pooping.  It's truly amazing how they just, all of a sudden, get it.

A side note on J bug's bathroom habits: she only poops about every 3 to 4 days; needless to say, when she does poop, it tends to be A LOT and it makes me sooooo happy when she goes in her potty!

:: I am so sorry, but I can't help myself.  Seeing so much in bloom in March is like eating a big, hunking piece of too-sweet wedding cake.  I know I grew up here and all, but 12 years in the rockies has me accustomed to crusty snow, mud and brown grass this time of year.

That star magnolia is exploding directly over my mom's backyard hot tub.  It makes for an absolutely glorious late night soak.

:: Osa has congestive heart failure and I am finally learning the stress of travel doesn't do her any favors.  She is such a good dog.  A damned good dog.

:: Juniper is getting spoiled and giving grandma an excuse to go shopping.  (But I am standing nearby, barking: Too expensive!  Buy used!  And probably ruining all of her fun.)


  1. hooray for early pottying! we do it, too, and at 17 mos E is poop-trained and only wets 0-2 diapers per day (night is a different story). It REALLY pays off. Loved seeing your flower photos, and the exciting talk of a move!
    Rachel C

  2. Hey Rachel!

    So did you do "diaper free" time with E, or just set her on the potty?


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