Saturday, April 10, 2010

golden cloves

golden cloves: kernels of goodness in lots of photos and little words from the last week
(Or rather, two weeks.  Warning: lots and lots of photos in this post.)

Or bust.  Our move date is set for the first week of May, yeah!

:: My man drove down to Wyoming to meet his new boss and check out our housing situation.  Short trip, but he missed us anyway.
:: We will have temporary employee housing, which is fabulous, but it is a little on the dingy side and much smaller than our current house.  So, aside from our daily walks, j bug and I have been holed up in the house, trying to slim down the ridiculous accumulation of stuff that happens to everyone except the most astute zen masters (of which I am not one).  We don't get much done.

:: And, oh, the teething...
 :: I love how quickly babies forget they were upset.  Living in the moment.  For many of us, our goal as an adult is to have the mind of a child.  You wouldn't think it would be so difficult.
:: Juniper is reaching and grabbing all the time.  Everything is fair game.  No thing is safe.
:: Here and there, we've had a few glimpses of the ornery toddler coming out in her.  So much fun!
:: Osa is getting more bold about butting in for her "me" time.
But Juniper loves smiling and laughing at Osa and pulling on her hair.
They are becoming quite the pair.

:: Finally,

She naps.

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