Sunday, June 6, 2010

voting & the daily grind

{Warning: Soapbox}  In my short time on the blogosphere, I have discovered something wonderful.  The Etsy shop.  If you were like me and hadn't heard of it, you have now.  It's an internet site for creative people to sell handmade goods, and conscientious buyers to purchase them.  Given the creative endeavors of nearly every woman in my family--who are, as we speak, finishing up a week of FFF (Family Fiber Fest: wish I was there!)--probably, we should each have a shop of our own.

: I don't mean to give the impression that the sun has just been blazing lately, because it hasn't, but still--Juniper needed a sun bonnet for the summer with good coverage.  Where did I turn?  Etsy.
Yeah, our girl is totally into wet, sloppy, grab-your-face smooches.  

And when our little sasquatch outgrew all her hand-me-down soft-soled leather shoes?  That's right...

Etsy.  Now, the national brand of soft-soled leather shoes, "Robeez," cost more and are made (and therefore shipped; re: fossil fuels) half-way across the world in China.  Hmmm.

Last night my man and I watched the documentary "Food Inc"--required viewing for anyone and everyone who EATS in the United States of America.  Since the age of eleven when I quit eating tuna in order to "save the dolphins," I have been aware of consumer power.  But I liked the way they phrased it in "Food Inc": with every purchase, you are placing a "vote" for that product.

So, with my two etsy shop purchases, I placed a vote for an Ohio mother making sun bonnets, and a Michigan mom sewing up leather shoes in her home.  I love that.  I love that when people try to tell us, You CAN'T find children's clothes that AREN'T made in China; I can point and say, Oh yes you can.  {End: Soapbox}

:: Of late, our days have been multifaceted:

Sleeping in...

Walking the road behind the house...

Watching aspen and cottonwood leaves unfold...

Afternoons with realtors,

And bankers,

And looking at far too many houses, not finding any ONE that fits us.

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