Friday, July 9, 2010

golden cloves: into the green

golden cloves: kernels of goodness in lots of photos and little words from the last week or so
Oh, Appalachia.  

Appalachia: there couldn't be a more beautiful place to have in-laws--they are dappled throughout the mountains and valleys.   

Appalachia: a bit quirky, yes, but we love it.  

Appalachia: my first time in the summer.  First time seeing, catching, fireflies.  Lightening bugs.  Pixies.  Tinker Bell.  You name it.  They seem unreal; little fairytale bugs.  

Appalachia: fishing for bluegill at dusk without a jacket or sweater.  Heaven.  
Appalachia: Juniper's first time meeting many relatives in general, and great-grandparents in particular.

Appalachia: Juniper's (and my) first ride on a coal-powered steam locomotive.

J bug slept on Uncle M's chest for most of the ride, smooshing her sunglasses into his chest.

Riding that train with more cousins and relatives.
(Note the sunglass impression.)

Appalachia: warm summer evenings.  I probably have not stopped talking about the warm summer evenings to anyone who will listen.

 (Juniper showing off to g-pa how well she turns pages.)

Appalachia: already dreaming of the next visit, of country cooking, of family, of green, and of warm air licking our skin.

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