Monday, August 23, 2010


Ten things I am loving right now...

1) Juniper's orange Mary Jane's (thank you Nancy!):

2) August:
(Okay, so yeah, I could probably take this exact photo in January when it's 40 below, but still.)

3) This book (scary statistics, but exciting to know what we can change RIGHT NOW):
(And on that note, all teflon pans are heading to the thrift store tomorrow; a small first step, but the first of many changes to come.)

4) Pudgy knees digging in, moving forward; my little salamander on the move:

5) My man and his bedtime reading:

6) This workout class:

(The photo was taken during a transition to the ground, so you can't really tell, but this class is hard.  I'm always sore the next day.)  

7) The Farmer's Market; particularly this summer since my own garden was munched by chizzlers:

8)But the chizzlers didn't get these.  I've said it before, I adore these lil' hot peppers.

9) My giggling, wrestling, ten-month-old tent monkey:

AND, last but definitely not least....

10) These words from my Uncle:

An observation from experience:  Juniper is watching you every waking moment and learns from everything you do in her presence, everything.  Wherever you think she is in her mental development, she's 6-12 months ahead of that.  That little mind is learning at hurricane speed, and you don't always notice it.  Raising a child is a precious adventure; I'm glad you're enjoying it so thoroughly.

Thanks, Uncle D.  

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