Saturday, October 30, 2010

right now

Juniper, you are one wild and precious girl.
Things I love about you right now: your laugh. Your huge, cheek-splitting smile, your grin.  Your open-mouthed kisses.  The way you lift your arms high and slap your hands down on the ground during your speed-crawl.  The way you squeal and "run away" from Osa as she lumbers past you.  Your double-toothed grin when you're doing something you shouldn't.  How well you listen--most of the time--when we ask, "no touch" or "no mouth."  The way you want to stand free-hand and surf on everything, including your new wagon.  How seeing your dad come home from work is always, always, the perfect ending to a perfect day.  The way you spit like a camel when you're excited.  The way sunlight strikes your blue eyes.  How you've discovered your mouth is a third hand, carrying toys around like a dog.  Dogs; how much you love them.  How you say, "Daaaa" for dog, and "Ohhsh" for Osa.  How much you love leaves: dry leaves on the ground, fresh leaves on the love them all.  How you still stick your tongue out when you're tired and sleepy.  How you are like an owl: wide-eyed and watching everything, even when we think you aren't.  How unabashed you are to explore a room full of strangers on your own.  How you still check on me, like Osa running ahead on the trail then turning back around, just to let me know we're still in this together.

Welcome to the world once again.  We love having you here.

You wild and precious girl.


  1. Love the photos! What camera do you use?

  2. I just use a Canon Rebel xti and the lens it came with, plus--occasionally--a fixed 50mm 1.8 canon lens. Would LOVE to get a better lens, however!

  3. What a sweet post. You have inspired me to write a letter to my son.


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