Wednesday, December 21, 2011

mostly Hazel, mostly photos, a few words

I've mentioned before that, from the moment of birth, I've felt Hazel has an old soul.  Even now, at four weeks, Hazel has a "been there, done that" attitude about babyhood. It seems she's trying to sleep through most of it, waiting until she regains control of her body and can interact with the world again.  Seriously, aside from modern technology (she doesn't like the carseat or computer), this girl is chill.

Lately, when I pick her up or lift her off my shoulder, she opens her eyes wide and glances all around, as though she's astonished to find herself here.  And then, her eyelids settle and she seems privately humored with this goofy family she's landed into.

We are fully enjoying her mellow presence, balanced with the boisterous spirit of her big sister who has full control of her body and speech--and knows how to use it.  

:: I wanted to share a few more photos from our make-shift studio:
^My dad's photo.  Awesome, eh?^
^Also my dad's.^

^She's mostly chill.  But when not chill, she has such a mandrake face.^
^She's learned early, to keep one eye open when big sister is around.^
^Junebug trying to wear Hazel's pants, followed by frustration.^
^Hazel loves nursing, but she knows when she's done (so far).^  

:: Loving how cloth diapers fit to the knee.
  ^Cashmere, merino and silk encapsulating those tootsies, baby!^

:: Remember those little troll dolls that people mounted to their dashboards?  As cute as your baby may be, at some point--in the right light--they will resemble that dashboard kitsch.

:: And, as cute your toddler may be, at some point--with the right purple marker--she will resemble Lady Gaga.

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