Saturday, December 24, 2011

random note on Yuletide's eve

My man and Juniper are out for a drive because that's what we've resorted to lately to get that wild monkey to rest.  (I know, I said I'd never do it.  For the record, we'd normally do a stroller ride in times of desperation but outside temps have barely broke zero today.)  I have stressed about naps lately and am trying to run my pediatricians words in my head when my exasperation boils: "You have to admire her spirit for life."  It's true.  And really, I should be far more concerned if the girl wanted to sleep all the time.

Right now, I am supposed to be mopping the floor for the second time since moving in, but Hazel was hungry so here we are multitasking at the puter instead.

I had been trying to decide if Juniper fell into the "naughty" or "nice" category when I noticed this morning that she has her first two-year-old-molar.  No wonder.  Nice to paste a reason onto all the diaper rash and crankiness.  I didn't think it totally had to do with having a new sibling and being two.

:: Grandma is in town!!  And so is Santa...  
J bugs was apprehensive, curious and star-struck all at once.  Our girl almost never stops talking, but she didn't say a peep to old St. Nick.  

Okay, better mop so Santa doesn't have to step around cornbread crumbs tonight.  

Merry Christmas, Happy Festivus, Merry Yuletide!!  

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