Sunday, November 18, 2012

37 things

In honor of my 37th birthday last week and Thanksgiving this week...37 things I am thankful for right now:

1)  That I get to stay home with my daughters.
2)  Watching their relationship blossom.
3)  My birthday gift: an antique pot rack.
4)  My dad's travel blog
5)  Continuing ed classes.  I've taken an herb-growing, fruit-tree growing and chicken-raising class.  Now, I'm taking a watercolor class to stretch my mind and get out of my comfort zone.  
6)  Time to knit.
7)  Time to sew.
^Juniper chose the fabric for this babydoll sling--a young friend's birthday gift.^

8)  That both kids can ride in the Chariot this winter.
^Circa February 2012.^

9)  That we have a relationship with so much of the food that enters our bodies.
^Circa July 2012.^
^Mule deer September 2012.^

10) My mama friends.
11) The mountain behind our house--and the mountain goats, mule deer, elk and moose who call it home.
 ^Circa September 2012.^

12) Getting long-anticipated projects done.
13) Laughing.
14) My do-it-all husband,
15) And his attempt at putting 37 twirly candles in a pan of warm brownies.
16) That my mom has promised to be here for Christmas.  Again.
^My mom and Hazel circa December 2011.^

17) And my brother will likely make it too!
18) That I fit into my pre-pregnant clothes, with room to spare.
19) A new stack of library books.  (Wyoming libraries: I love you.)  
20) Book club.
21) Knitting club--a lot of stitchin, a little bitchin.  
22) Winter squash.  (I'll share my heaven-so-good soup recipe soon.)
23) My blog.  And the people who read it.
24) Mornings with just this one.
25) Afternoons with just this one.
26) My great-grandmother's coffee grinder with a walnut handle remade by my dad.
27) Holy shit I still have ten left!  
28) My crafty, prolific, artsy step-mom whose sewing endeavors garnish every room of our house, and some bodies too.  
29) Friends who have been with us in heart and mind so long, it seems we've never been apart.  
30) President Obama and the country who re-elected him.      
31) Toddler art: the pure evocation of color and emotion.
32) Living at the confluence of three rivers.
33) A clean dining table.     
34) That an oil and gas lease on pristine, nearby public land--a development we've been fighting for 7 years--is now being bought-out by the people.  (Contributions are accepted here.)  
35) How my oldest daughter asks me to take my hug and kiss and put it in my pocket, to save for later, in case I need it.  
36) Chubby baby bums.
37) This life.  

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