Wednesday, November 14, 2012

messy, beautiful, perfect

Yesterday I was working upstairs in the loft.  Juniper needed to poop while Hazel was nursing.  I helped Juniper heave herself onto the toilet, Hazel popped off and tried teething on the toilet seat edge while Juniper jumped off the john, still needing her bum wiped, and I had one boob hanging out.  Our everyday.  No one ever claimed parenthood was glamorous.  Life is messy...perhaps that's what makes it so beautiful.  
:: Last week, we blew off election-day jitters with home improvement projects and a jaunt down to the river where we fished and went "on a jungle adventure to look for alligators!"   
We are in Juniper's land of make-believe almost 24/7 now.  The other morning the girls and I went for a short hike in the woods behind our house.  We looked for winter bear dens, fed some bears (a.k.a tree stumps) lots of wild strawberries (rocks), lettuce (grass) and a bit of snow.  I envy Juniper and her little world.  I *remember* that about childhood.  It's magical.  I hope she gets to keep her world for a long, long, time.
^See the "bear" and her "den"?^  
^Whispering so we don't wake the bears.^  (And yes, she was wearing a warm coat but insisted on removing it.)

Me: "Juniper, see these sharp needles?  This is a hawthorn bush."  
Juniper: "Mama, see this snow?  This is Juniper snow."  No matter what we say, it comes right back at us.
 ^Pssst.  She's sporting some mama-made wool mittens, fresh off the needles.^

:: We had such a slow, sauntering fall that I'm ready for--and loving--this latest shift into colder, whiter days.  We are getting snuggly with warm coco and a list of homemade gifts to work on: beginning with squirrel-shaped dog biscuits.  
In the next eight days we'll celebrate one of my favorite holidays, two family birthdays and one young friend's.  
Life.  Messy, beautiful, perfect.   


  1. Your first paragraph - classic. And then to follow it with a gorgeous action photo of you fishing made me laugh out loud. Loved the relationship of those two pieces together. Ah, J's age...discovery with the ability to start forming opinions, thoughts, independence. I love that age, and it only gets better.

  2. you are such a good storyteller.
    I relate to so much here, though it was all about 4 years ago for us...

  3. Love this post. The make believe world is the best. Savour. Beautiful mama made mittens too. X ashley


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