Tuesday, March 19, 2013

gettin springy

Just some photos today.  Mostly.  The last week or so:  
:: Springy day on the riverbank.  (That said, the last three days have been a return to winter.)

:: Some handknits from the last few weeks.  (My hat is the "Amanda Hat" on Ravelry.  I love how the texture works even with variegated wool.)
There is a new baby in town!  (I've made...9 of these now?)
I went on a felted bowl extravaganza.  We have three on the dining table.  I had to make a pink one for bugs, of course, and a purple one for Hazey just to be fair.  Juniper loved placing what looked like baby hats into a lingerie bag and into the wash, then pulling out felted bowls.  Right now, her pink bowl is on her dresser with a big rock in it.  But it has also spent a significant amount of time in her Ladybug Backpack.  (Lately, all things Holy end up in the Ladybug Backpack.)
Crocheted more Easter eggs now that I have two egg-hunting chickens (and we can leave those plastic eggs in China).  In case you're wondering, nearly all of my knitting takes place during family outings in the car and, occasionally, naptime.  
:: Taken just before he shaved, I came across this image of my cave-man and cave-girl:   
:: And my man came across me rowing a boat with my blue slipper:
:: Then I came across these two sisters and their complete joy for one another:
^Hazel is our little climber.  She is constantly climbing and falling off of things.  In the year and a half that we've owned this child's table, this is the first time I've seen Juniper on top of it.  

:: In an abundance of sunny spring (over)optimism, I tucked some seeds into a jerry-rigged, half-assed cold frame.  This morning, underneath a sleeping bag, it was frozen solid.  (Warming up this afternoon though...so we'll see.  I'm still hopeful.)  Come on peas, favas, spinach, lettuce, cilantro, radishes and kale!!!
In a more reasonable effort, I tucked some tomato and pepper seeds inside the house.  
Juniper helped.  
Wishing you all a wonderful First Day of Spring tomorrow!  


  1. Love those felted bowls. Maybe I could whip up a few in time for Easter...


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