Wednesday, April 10, 2013

road trip sketch (part 1)

Hi there.  It's been a while.  And maybe you've already guessed--we've been gone.  Road trippin'.  Visiting family.  Razor clamming on the Pacific coast.  Kite-flying.  Tulip-admiring.

Prior to leaving, we celebrated my man's birthday, drew Juniper a map, loaded the car with wellingtons and raincoats, drove straight out of slush-season and into spring.  We followed the rivers west: the Snake to the Columbia, the Columbia all the way to the wide-open yawn of the Pacific.

A quick sketch: 
 ^Lemon-poppyseed cake from this recipe--delish!^
2 full days in the car. 
1 hotel stop.
Open road.
Driving closer and closer to green, and daffodils.  
2 very patient, wonderful kids.
Books and toys and Charlotte's Web on audio.
Discovering the sanity-saving world of McDonald's Playland. 
Sleeping, sun-splashed kids.
Above: lunch stop #1.  Below: lunch stop #2.  Oh, the excitement.  

Grandmas, grandpa, uncles, aunt, cousins...coalescing in one place.   
My kids, surrounded by people who love them.  
Merry-go-round obsession, check.    
First carnival rides.  
High-fives after a stomach-churning Tilt-a-Whirl.  

Long-anticipated kite-flying.  
Squeals of excitement.  
Squeals of excitement.   

Easter morning clamming...
And the Bunny found us even at our rental house!
Easter egg hunting (that wonderful bunny brought a few small gifts and not-so-much candy).    

The "Tree Cousins": Aspen, Juniper and Hazel.  
Up next: Razor Clamming, yo!  
(Unfortunately the only group shots we got...much of our gang had not yet arrived.)


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