Sunday, September 29, 2013

snaps, the finale

(Or is it?)  

I'll admit, even though the last official day of summer was just last week, I feel a bit like I'm creating a July post in October.  Already, it feels like summer ended months ago.  We had a late frost, but early snow on the mountains.  Our dusted peaks are ghostly and ethereal, like they now belong closer to the heavens than to earth.  Yesterday, with many thanks and gratitude to my visiting sister-in-law, I went deer hunting for the first time in 5 years.  And, I got to go with my better half.  It's been many years (ten? twelve?) since I've walked through snow and green-leaved aspen at the same time.  Songbirds hummed and aspen quaked gently in a day that otherwise seemed to be holding its breath.  Quiet, ethereal, ghostly.  No deer that day, but my heart was filled with gratitude.       

Okay, big breath, here we go, September snaps:
:: Last summer camping trip.  Close to home.  By a river.  Gorgeous mountains.  Hot springs.
We caught a couple of brook trout.  J bug played with them like stuffed animals until she wore all the slime off (it's on her shirt).  They were dead, of course, but she pretended to feed them, "I'll take care of you honey...."  We feared they would be mushy by the time we ate them, but they were as tasty as ever.    
My wedding sandals.  Ten years and going strong.  
The kids ran back and forth between our camp and the river, all giddy and wild and free.  
The view from camp:  I've climbed three of those lovely peaks, back in the day.  Looking forward to climbing them with my daughters.
Turn 180 degrees:  
Mixing "hot cocoa."  
Loitering at the hot springs.
Sigh.  I'm still hoping for an autumn camping trip.  Fingers crossed.  

Things I've been loving in September:  
:: Some lazy afternoons at the park.  And Hazel's ear-freckle; I've been wanting to show you that...can you see it?  It's been there a long time.  Not since birth, but a long time.  It's a great place to kiss.  
:: My great-grandma Mabel's vase.
:: The outside coming in.
:: First roasted root medley.
:: Hazel insisting I wear her apron over mine.
:: Like brook trout, garden produce gets well-handled before it is consumed.
:: It doesn't rain for months, and then it does.
:: Indoor scribbling makes a comeback.  
:: Daring to photograph a sleeping toddler-babe.

:: Juniper was never a countertop kid.  With Hazel, it is often the only way I get morning coffee made.  The little turkey.
:: Juniper's pets.  For most of the day she is either a doctor, veterinarian or dog-walker.
Here, she is zoo keeper tying a rope to an elephant to load in the truck.  Obviously.
:: I have been preparing some garden beds for spring.  Hazel begs, pleads, demands, insists: "Dig worms!  Fine a big one!"  By far, it is her favorite activity.  We dig worms and potatoes.  When I find one I yell, "Hazel, I found another worm!"  She practically hyperventilates, oh, oh, oh, oh, and then she gently picks it up with a sweet, cooing, "Ahhhhhh.  Tuck.  In."  Then she places it back on the ground and covers it with soil.  Juniper busies herself tucking-in worms too, but also rinsing and washing and polishing her little pink jewels (some tiny, pea-sized potatoes--last year's volunteers).  
:: Playgroup at the park.  Love our playgroup.
:: Admiring my future winter / late fall garden.  Rutabagas the size of Hazel's head, parsnips, kale, turnips, cabbage and strappy leeks all nodding to the thick frost saying, bring it on.
Yes indeed, bring it on.


  1. Love this post! Swooning over your garden. Wishing I was at that hot spring right now! Love J playing with the fish story. :)

  2. Is that a merino kids sleeping bag?! We love ours, exact same pattern. Another amazing thing to me from far ends of the earth to cozy out dearest critters up the same way. Loved every inch of this post. Craving campouts, fishing and fires. So close to summer here. Can not wait!! Xx

    1. Yes, it was a merino kids! We received it as a hand-me-down and used the crap out of it. Zipper pull is now broken, which is a bummer. I recently stopped using the bag because Hazel is finally read to sleep in good ol' pajamas.

  3. Ps. Could make out sage and thyme drying...what else is hanging there?

    1. Whoops, guess I forgot to answer this. French tarragon, parsley and oregano. Yum.

  4. I love every single one of these photos. What a beautiful life you lead x

  5. LOL . . my second was a counter-top kid too. :) So many fun sights in these snaps. Happiness.

  6. Just stopping by to say I miss your writing and photos! Hope all is well.

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