Saturday, December 14, 2013

november snaps

Playing photographic catch-up in these next two posts.  Short and sweet so we can get on with all this merry-making.  Snaps.  

:: First eggs.  I seriously love the green (and blue!) eggs.  
:: First real snow which sent the kids "dashing through the snow...!"
:: Lots of backyard chores and tidying-up for the winter.
:: Beets!  Juniper devours beets.  Hazel mostly smears them on her face: "Me make ma face pink!" 
:: If Juniper is in the backyard, she has a chicken in her grasp.  Always.  Here she is with Ice Cream.
:: My new winter boots: a birthday present and sweet deal from Sierra Trading Post.  
:: Outdoor art made by a local gal.  I usually buy her candles, soaps and stained glass, but this caught my eye.  I've been looking to decorate our outdoor space and here was this tarnished copper pony leaping through barbed wire: local, handmade, perfect.   
:: Juniper got a wild hair for drawing faces and posting them all over.  Just when it started getting a little creepy, she moved on.  
:: My two-year-old.
:: The night of Hazel Iris' true birthday.
:: And her party--which, really, was an excuse to hang with our friends on a Saturday.    
Birthday campfire.  
Lots of chicken-chasing.  
:: A mini photo essay with Hazel and our friend Anika, the kid-whisperer:
:: Later that night Hazel donned her mama-made birthday crown.  Like Juniper's, it's wool felt, glass buttons and trim from my wedding gown.  These crowns will make an appearance just once a year to honor the day these souls entered our world.
:: I never have the camera right there and it's always so fleeting, but it happens all the time: sister love.  Their relationship is such a gift.    
:: On our way home from errands we bumped into this young, lone cowgirl driving a small herd down the highway--which sparked a whole new conversation in our house.  
Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls....


  1. I love that you used your wedding gown in their crowns, so special. Your Hazel looks like Sal to me, of the famous "Blueberries for Sal". If you don't own it yet, you should.

  2. aw happy birthday Hazel! Those photos were like a treat for my eyes xxx


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