Friday, December 20, 2013

Thanksgiving catch-up

One day soon I'll have time to write again.  I know it.
Even though I've never lived there, I was almost (almost) as excited to visit the town in which my first daughter was born, as I was to visit family and friends.  My brother and sister-in-law moved to ol' Missoula just a few months ago--this was my first visit back to Juniper's birth city since she was 7 months old.

 I wanted to take Juniper to Community Medical Center where she was born, go to the window where they weigh and measure all the tiny little newborns, but alas the hospital has remodeled (for the better) and that window no longer exists.  I did get a chance to slip away for a morning and write.  Like, in my journal.  I know.  I re-traced the hours before Juniper's birth, then landed in an empty hospital waiting room and wrote.  Memories flowed.  It was blissful.  One day, I'll write Juniper's birth story.  I've started it oh so many times.  
 (It's not often that I'm in a city, especially after dark.  I had fun with it.)

So.  This post:  Us, giving Thanks, before we started making merry.

:: Idaho.  (On our way to Missoula.)  Man, I do love the west.  
:: My sis.  When she wants something, she does it.  When they moved to Missoula, she wanted acreage and farm animals (besides chickens).
She is one determined lady.  
Now raising her first Dexter cow and calf (Dexters are about half the size of Herefords).
And showing the gals how to milk.
(The Thanksgiving turkey--by the way--she had slaughtered, plucked and had brining just days before we showed up.  The cornbread she made from corn she had grown that summer and ground that day.  And to my own zone 3 gardening amazement, I harvested kale, beets, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips and carrots for the feast just two days before leaving home.  It was a local feast--except few of us were locals.)

:: Our crazy, thankful group: family, friends of family and good friends who are really family.  Dang.
^Hazel and Uncle M.^
:: These two friends nourish my soul.  Riding in the car with them Juniper asked, "What are you?"  To which they responded, Aunt and uncle.  Just call us Aunt M and Uncle P.  That's what we are.  So true.  But it's almost even better than that.    
No trip to Missoula is complete without a spin (or so) on the Carousel.  
^Me and Juniper.  Thanks, P, for the photos!^  
Cousin hugs.  
My mother-in-law bought a pamphlet with a photo, name and history of each horse and gave it to the girls.  Now, they practically have it memorized and can recite which horses they want to ride next.  Hazel calls it her "Carousel Book" and carries it everywhere.
:: Back at the stead, Uncle M was attacked by a mob of nobbly-kneed children.
And Juniper had her first jam-session, which was enough to inspire me to dust off my mandolin.  
:: On our way home--close to our old stomping grounds--I insisted there was a store that sold all-wool pillows down this road.  
My husband was skeptical, but the detour proved fruitful and Juniper now has a queen-sized wool pillow on her bed.  

:: Driving home.


  1. ooh, wool pillows. Sounds lovely. I'd love to visit Missoula someday, sounds like an amazing little city.

  2. oh man that scenery! adopt me please, (plus my hubby and kids, we will be so quiet I promise! lol)

    Happy holidays xxxxx

  3. your images are AMAZING and that carousel ~ what a wonder! happy belated christmas to you and yours. xx


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