Monday, May 25, 2015

just in time

When I was a kid I had a soft gray doll named Toofy.  It looked like a bunny, but I think it was supposed to be a kangaroo.  She had a little pocket on her front, where I would put my fallen baby teeth, and gently place it under my pillow.  I have no idea where Toofy came from (my best guess is my grandma made her for me).  I loved Toofy.  She may still be floating around this world somewhere, in my attic or my mom's.

The kids and I had talked about making Toofy dolls, but on this morning, we decided to do it.  I made a little sketch of what my old Toofy looked like, then Juniper drew her own design and I sewed.
Just in time.

She'd been chewing on a strand of yarn.  

Hazel's green eyes of envy.  She wants to loose a tooth SO badly.  Hazel will have her Toofy doll years before any teeth fall out.

But Hazel is unselfish and was quick to be happy for her sister.  Truly, this little sister is such a caring little lover, she makes my heart melt.

Juniper, being Juniper, wanted to keep her tooth.  We wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy, asking for a pro-rated amount, if she could keep her tooth.  Two quarters is what she got.  (Although I've heard the going rate in Manhattan is $17 per tooth.  The Tooth Fairy prefers Wyoming rates.)  A couple of days later, the second bottom tooth came out and now Juniper has a lisp.    


  1. That is so cute! But $17 a tooth!!!! That's quite a lot. I'm not sure what the Tooth Fairy pays in Montana yet, but I'm pretty sure inflation is quite a bit less here. Ufta!

  2. aw so adorable. In in England kids get between £1 and £5. No much but they are excited nonetheless. xx


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