Tuesday, May 4, 2010


is so much more fun when you're not alone with your baby and geriatric dog.

We ditched out of turkey camp early, mostly due to winter storm warnings but also out of a desire to see some new country.

And, oh, how we love the western states.

We stopped at an Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Cousin Owen walked at the center.  (You'll have to take my word for it--no photos, video only and I'm still working on how to post those without crashing computers.)

:: J bug started babbling (for the uninitiated: to baby-babble is to throw some consonants in with your vowels).  Her first babble-word was to suck in her lower lip and say, bvaaa bvaaa bvaaa bvaaa.  

Her repertoire now includes aaaduh-aaaduh, daaa daaa daaa and a breathy, whispered, attaah, attaah.

Our little bean is getting super squirmy.  She has only "rolled over" four times, preferring to squirm her way to wanted objects.

:: Everything is so new and fun and interesting.

:: If I wasn't her mother and wasn't married to her father, I would be downright jealous at how much Juniper loves, looks for, laughs with and smiles at her dad.  

:: And oh, sweet, passenger seat.

:: In Challis, our roads divided.  Hugs and kisses.  

(Okay, he still needs the knees on rocky roads.)  

In other, up-to-date news: movers are HERE.  More in the next post.  

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