Friday, May 14, 2010

final notes from montana

We've been in Wyoming a week now and today--ta da!--we have internet service.  I started this post before we left Montana and wanted to get it out there:

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:: Okay, my last, somewhat random notes from our last week in Montucky:

When I look back through photos of Juniper as a brand new-newborn, I still find it unbelievable that this perfect little human was once inside my belly and now is out.  It remains a fact that I find absolutely amazing, That was her, all along, in my belly.  Wow.  And what continues to amaze me is how she still looks so uniquely like herself.  Which probably sounds redundant, but until J bug was born, I was always of the all-white-babies-look-the-same camp.        

I realize procreation is a very normal, basic, everyday aspect of being a mammal, but I can't help but be absolutely awed and dumbstruck by these simple facts.  That my man contributed a seed, and I did the rest.  All eighteen pounds, thank you very much.  I realize that most of us could easily grow eighteen pounds of fat without a problem (and probably have a lot of fun doing it), but we're talking heart, liver, lungs, nervous system, fingerbones, and...soul.  It truly is a phenomenal thing to bring a brand new soul into the world.

And so, to continue my then and now obsession: Juniper at 12 days old, then again at 6 1/2 months old.  Exact same outfit, minus the one orange sock we lost in the snow.    

:: Oh, Osa.  She has taken to her new role as guardian so well.  My brother puts these words in Osa's mouth: Why did you have to go laying this responsibility on me NOW?  I'm an old woman!  Well, turns out old dogs can learn new tricks.
When I was out visiting my mom, the neighbor came over to see the baby and she happened to be walking with a cane.  Osa stood between Juniper and the neighbor and would not budge.  She just threw herself out there like a road block and no matter how many times we told her it was okay, she wouldn't move.

And then, a couple of weeks ago when we were sitting two other dogs, one got too close to Juniper on the potty and Osa actually growled and snapped at that dog, which she never does.  You go, old girl.

June Bug's favorite thing to do is reach for anything and everything that is remotely close while sitting on her potty.
So I was snapping away with the camera then I looked down at the LCD screen and quickly flipped through the images I had just taken and when I looked back up again, Juniper had Osa's muzzle between both hands like a baby bottle and was trying to suck on her nose.  This would have been really touching if Osa wasn't the type of dog to eat her own poop.  So even though I was all, Augh!  Juniper don't suck on that!  I have to admit that I am damned proud to have a dog that would put up with anything from a kid.      
:: We "started Juniper on solids" last week.  I use quotations because it's still mostly breastmilk with a little bit of rice flakes and I don't think any of it went down her throat.  Just like when she was 20 minutes old and we were trying to teach her to breastfeed (she was diagnosed with a "disorganized suck"), her tongue pretty much pushes everything back out.  Now, she waits until the spoon is right at her lips, then blows--literally spitting her food right back in my face.  The only good part is my man finds it sexy to come home to a wife with rice flakes stuck in her hair.  Weird, I know.  

:: There are certain things we do every single day, and have been doing for months and months, but for some reason never get photos (too lazy to use the self-timer?).  Like, reading.  We read books every day and J bug has her favorites--right now, favorites include anything touchy-feely (she tests the texture of EVERYTHING) and strong, contrasting colors.  She's always trying to feel the words, which NEVER have texture, and I think that's kind of disappointing to her.  Still, she loves her books.



  1. Somewhere there exists a photo of me not much older than the J-Tron, "reading" (or perhaps she is reading!) with exactly that same concentrated frown. Watch out J-Meister5000 or you're going to have Morgan Freeman wrinkles when you're 30.

  2. Given MY Morgan Freeman wrinkles, I don't think she has much hope.


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