Thursday, November 7, 2013

country roads (part 2 of 2)

To read part 1, click here.  
Softly, subtly, our world is getting blanketed with white.  Already, the colors in the these photos seem impossible.  (Never doubt that the natural world doesn't provide every hue on an artist's palette.  It's all there.  Even glow-in-the-dark.)  I love the change in seasons and autumn, especially--the season marked by change.  Officially, we are only half-way through autumn.  But with this snow....
This morning us three girls donned puffy jackets and tall boots to let the chickens out.  Before I knew it, Juniper had skipped to the other end of the yard singing, Dashing through the snow....  At the library today I was tempted to check out all the snow-themed books (our library has a lot), but I held myself back and opted for more fall.  I will have a solid four months to check out snow books; five if I end up counting November.  Six if we run into April.  Come February, I will probably be found looking at these pictures again.  
:: So here we are.  Part 2.
Juniper and Hazel were both really into acorns and their funny little elf hats.  They collected a bunch, but not many made it home (Hazel ate some and so did the carseat).  I meant to bring home a bag for holiday crafts, but forgot.  I have fond memories of collecting acorns from my mom's front yard.  I totally get it, that acorn-world.  More and more, my own childhood pops up like chapters from a lost book.  
 :: We passed state-park cabins, eliciting memories from my husband's youth.
:: We stayed with more family who, despite our whimsy schedule, took the time to be with us.  
And entertained my own odd-ball fascination with a mental hospital that pre-dates the Civil War.    
:: Napping on the road. 
:: It's our tradition to take a steam engine up the mountain.  Summer, summer and now fall.    
Our train, pulling into the station.  That whistle is loud!  
On the train, J bugs was excited but Hazel still had a smoker's-cough and was alternately exclaiming "Choo choo train!" and wanting to nurse.    

We had so much quality, relaxed time with family that went unphotographed.  Playing the tourist is fun but at the end of the day I am most thankful for the envelope of family.  

:: Last moments at the great-grandparent's stead before driving back over the mountain to the airport in Virginia.  
:: Passing back through Hot Springs, Virginia.  
The hot springs resort that pre-dates the Revolutionary War.  Pre-dates the Revolutionary War!!  One day, we'll stay there.  I stopped by the front desk to get a price-range...apparently this is not the kind of place where you ask about "price."  One day.  
:: Back in Roanoke, luggage trolly to our hotel room. 
:: 3 flights there, 3 flights back.  9 total hours of driving to and from airports.  
:: Documenting the end of an era: nursing a toddler to sleep on the plane.  (Next time, I'll have to get more creative than just shoving a boob in her mouth.)  
:: Home.  If we'd had parachutes, we could have just jumped out and landed in our yard.  
:: Night, y'all.  


  1. Beautiful train pictures, I especially love the arm, and the one of your two girls on the red caboose. Beautiful.
    If you'd like acorns we'd happily send you some from Maine.

  2. Awww, I love that your husband gets a chance to share his childhood memories with your girls. Also, some of those candid tran pictures (the arm!!) are fantastic.

    The last picture of your family is very sweet....except I had to double check that your man still has both his legs.

    I'm glad you're writing/documenting...inspiring for me to add words to our day-to-day blurb here.

  3. Such lovely photos and travels as always! I am loving Autumn too x


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