Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walk of Life

This evening--more than a few times--tears have welled up in my eyes.  A certain song, a certain time on the clock....  More than once I have noted the time and thought, At this time two years ago I was eating dinner and thinking about taking a bath.  At this time two years ago I was calling my sister-in-law and asking, Is this it?  At this time two years ago, we were flying down a dark November highway to the tune of Walk of Life.  

Has it already been two years?  The same house projects that were left unfinished two years ago remain unfinished.  But our how they've grown.  Could I ever have imagined today, two years ago?  I glanced at the kitchen corner next to the fridge and--like a flash--remembered how I kept Hazel's basket car seat in that corner.  I am verifiably bawling right now, just remembering those little things, those tiny facts--there and then gone--a brief flash in a parent's life.  How transient, fragile, tenuous and miraculous life really is.  I am so damned thankful for every second I have with my kids.      
Happy Birthday my dear sweet Hazel Iris.  Could I ever have imagined, two years ago, how much I would love you today?  Impossible.  I can't wait to write you and your sister a letter.  But tonight, I have gifts to wrap and party favors to make.  I'll see you when you wake up at two or three in the morn, my littlest lady.    


  1. Oh I weep! I never realised before having children how much them growing would make me hurt for the time that's gone but at the same time leap for joy for what is happening right now and what is to come. Happy birthday to your little one xxx

  2. Beautiful, and oh those photos! Birthday love to you and Hazel. xo


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